RecycleGuard provides scrap yard Insurance
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Businesses with primary operations in the Recycling of:

  • Scrap Metal
  • Electronics
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Rubber
  • Textiles
  • Automobiles

The program is available in all states, except AK.

SIC Codes:

  • 3341 Secondary Non-Ferrous Metal Processing
  • 5051 Metal Processing Centers
  • 5093 Scrap Material
  • 261103 Pulp Mill Recycling
  • 308999 Plastic Products, NOC
  • 4953399 Refuse System, NOC (With Recycling Component)
  • 5015 Auto Parts Recycling/Dismantling

To participate in the program an insured must be eligible for one of the following General Liability class codes:

  • 15406 Metal Scrap Dealers
  • 16009 Paper, Rag or Rubber Stock Dealers & Distributors- Secondhand
  • 47146 Recycling Collection Centers Other Than Not For Profit
  • 56900 Metals Extraction or Refining (smelting)
  • 58058 Plastic Recyclers who grind or shred plastic
  • 54077 Glass Recyclers
  • 59985 Wood Pallet Recycling
  • 10256 Concrete and Asphalt recyclers - C&D
  • 47146 eScrap Recyclers
  • 91190 Auto Dismantling and Recycling
  • 45993 Recycled Material Brokers

Contact us for Recycling Insurance

The RecycleGuard Insurance Program office is located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Our mailing address is:
Willis of New Hampshire
1 New Hampshire Avenue, Suite 200
Portsmouth, NH 03801

For More Information on the services and products offered by RecycleGuard, and to learn more about the best ways to address insurable business risks specific to the recycling industry, program contact information is below or click here for underwriter contact information.

RecycleGuard Insurance Program
Toll Free: (888) 225-4725
Fax: (603) 334-3090

Benefits of Participation

Loss Control

The RecycleGuard Insurance Program is built around the concept of providing industry specific loss control and risk management services. To learn more about all of the Risk Management Services that we offer to our clients Click here