Product Development

While we are constantly trying to grow and improve upon existing programs, we believe true growth for our organization is measured by new program development. For this reason, Willis Programs has made the investment in a unit solely dedicated to new program research and development.

Why Work With Us

Our dedicated Research & Development team skilled at analyzing opportunities to launch new programs using a proprietary model. We are practiced professionals at converting books of business into specialized programs. Our recent success rate includes the launch of five new programs in the past two years! 

Roll your book…  We offer competitive incentive compensation, streamlined relationships with industry experienced underwriters, customized products and ease of doing business.

Convert your book into a new program … Our dedicated Research & Development team has a great track record of success and uses a proprietary model to evaluate opportunities.  We can help turn your book into a nationwide program and expand your geographic reach with an opportunity for exclusive distribution and incentive compensation on your book and the entire program.

To see how Willis Programs can help you, contact CJ Lotter, 603-334-3037,


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